Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Giants World Series

I twice went to the World Series to see the same game, and yes, it was in 1989 when the Loma Prieta earthquake halted the miserable series sweep by the juiced-up Bash Brothers from the Oakland A's. Let us fervently pray that things go a bit better this time around.

After watching Candlestick Park turn into a wiggling jello mold while standing in a beer line twenty years ago, the desire to be in a sold-out stadium has never really returned. For those going to the games, have a great time. I'll be haunting one-story public taverns around town instead.

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momo said...

I had just moved to Minnesota, and got my first news of the quake when the world series game cut to a Roseanne episode and then a crawler across the bottom of the screen said "Due to the earthquake, we cannot return to our regularly scheduled programming at this time." I managed to get in one phone to call to find out that my family was OK, before I was unable to contact them again for three days.

Last night my mother and I watched part of the game together on the phone. She's a Yankees fan, but is happy to root for the Giants against the Rangers.