Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giants Baseball by the Bay

There are occasional days when it feels like a privilege to live in San Francisco, and Tuesday afternoon was one of them.

After watching the first couple of innings in Game 3 between the Giants and the Phillies at home, I jumped on a bus from Civic Center to South of Market for a more communal viewing experience.

The Giants scored their only three runs while I was being slowly conveyed by Muni, but that made lunch at Zeke's Sports Bar on 3rd and Brannan less stressful. The place was crowded with fans playing hooky from work, the female staff was a kick, and the hamburger was delicious.

Brian Wilson, the closing pitcher with the dyed beard for the Giants, went in at the top of the ninth inning with the score 3-0, and I decided to catch the finale at the ballpark two blocks away.

Just rounding the corner of the stadium as the Phillies hit into a game-ending double play, I watched a rainbow appear and fireworks go off.

The crowd was so ecstatic they looked as if they would levitate.

The mood was surprisingly mellow, and security even let me into the stadium to use the bathroom without a ticket.

The bathroom line was something else, though, and a few guys such as the gentleman above simply peed on the wall of the facilities.

Thousands of people walked along the Embarcadero towards the Ferry Building after the game, creating a makeshift parade and party.

The Hi-Dive saloon along the waterfront was soon jammed with revelers, including the mother and son reunion above.

A ride on the Sausalito Ferry seemed a perfect way to end the unspeakably beautiful day.

And then the Giants did it again Wednesday night in a knockdown, dragout 6-5 win. I wonder what will happen today.


Matthew Hubbard said...

I'm a very wussy sports fan. I don't live and die with any team, but the team whose success can make me happier than any other is the Giants, the team of my youth. I have been paying next to no attention since Bonds left, so besides Tim Lincecum, all these guys are complete strangers to me. Damn, this is an exciting and compelling team!

Like you, I have no idea what will happen next, but I will watch, that's for sure.

Nancy Ewart said...

Like Matty Boy, I'm a very wussy sports fan but damn! We are so close. GO GIANTS!

AphotoAday said...

Nice shot of the light streaming from behind the buildings.