Saturday, October 09, 2010

Off The Grid Food Trucks

For the last month, a collection of food trucks has assembled at lunch time on Friday in Civic Center Plaza across from City Hall. (Thanks to the wonderful site, Tenderblog, for the alert.)

It's part of a roving food movement in San Francisco called Off The Grid, and has the feel of a gypsy caravan.

The prices aren't particularly cheap, especially compared to the many inexpensive restaurants in the neighborhood, but that doesn't seem to be the selling point.

At the Liba truck, for instance... can make your own Falafel, combining a whole salad bar's worth of exotic ingredients.

I tried the Filipino truck, partly because it had a short line...

...but the pork tacos turned out to be way too fatty and greasy for my taste.

It didn't matter. Sitting under the sycamores in the plaza with other diners in a collection of makeshift chairs was delightful, and the autumn light looked like something out of the French Impressionism show in Golden Gate Park.

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namastenancy said...

We've had about six of those "off the grid" trucks at the McCoppin Stub for the last couple of Saturdays. It's a great place for the neighborhood to meet (although our space is nowhere near as nice as your's). Maybe one day we will get that community garden but I'm not holding my breath.