Monday, June 08, 2009

Mountain Play 2: Holy Mt. Tam

The school buses will also take you down the mountain but playgoers are encouraged to hike down Mount Tamalpais to downtown Mill Valley six-plus miles away if they are in the mood.

The hike is outrageously beautiful and not even all that terrifying for those with a fear of heights like myself.

We were paced by The Opera Tattler (click here) who looked overjoyed to be scampering through forests.

We stopped for food and drink at the Mountain Inn halfway down...

...and then continued around curving roadways where people lived in forest houses on stilts.

There was a lemonade stand at one of the homes, complete with elaborate signage in colored chalk on the roadway.

They had also drawn the above signage 50 yards past the lemonade stand which made me happily open a beer in my backpack while proclaiming, "NO!"

The Mountain Play people drive hiking theatregoers' coolers to downtown Mill Valley after the play so you don't have to haul them with you. It was a genuinely fun day.


jolene said...

It looks like a lovely time!

Beacongal said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I was thinking of you today when I "covered" a demo at Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs. Wish you could have been there!