Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monday Media Vigil for Dr. George Tiller

In front of San Francisco's City Hall on Monday evening, a small group of people came together for a vigil mourning Dr. George Tiller, the family doctor in Kansas who was murdered on Sunday in church by an anti-abortion zealot.

They were almost outnumbered by the crowds of photographers who showed up to document the event.

Frank Chu was there, which is an almost infallible sign that something is a major media event...

...and Beth Spotswood's favorite Gavin Newsom photographer, Bill Wilson, was poking about.

A speaker who knew Dr. Tiller was giving a speech about what a wonderful, humble man he was. However, thanks to the Bill O'Reilly style hatemongers in the national media, Dr. Tiller was long a target, which of course those same hatemongers now deny.

As the inimitable Princess Sparkle Pony put it the other day (click here):
"Responses to the murder of George Tiller at the never-ending flame war known as Fox Nation. Basically, they're OK with the murder, but very angry that he was allowed to attend church."

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