Monday, June 01, 2009

Budget Tsunami 2: Justice Delayed

On Thursday afternoon, there were a whole new set of protestors in front of the California Supreme Court building.

This time the protestors were employees and friends of the California court system which is slated for huge cutbacks starting July 1st as part of Schwarzenegger's budget cutting stampede.

They were claiming this would mean "longer lines, case backlogs, expensive and painful extra days in foster care for children...and even criminal case dismissals because of missed deadlines."

San Francisco's Public Defender, Jeff Adachi, was there drumming up support in his struggle for resources from the City and County of San Francisco which is under attack by Mayor Newsom and his allies on the Board of Supervisors.

At least none of the protestors went hungry on their lunch hour protest, as a truckload of Subway sandwiches arrived midway.

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janinsanfran said...

Are the court employees SEIU? Looks like it. I didn't know.

You are sure going to have a lot of these ...