Wednesday, October 29, 2008

San Fracisco Open Studios

The 33rd annual edition of the San Francisco Open Studios, where artists invite the public into their personal studios to sell their work, has been going on all October in various quadrants of the city on different weekends (click here for schedule).

On Friday evening, I stopped by Nancy Ewart's studio (click here for her account "Chez Namaste Nancy") after an excruciating day at work.

In the same warren of studios at Fifth and Bryant, I also visited Flora Davis who worked with me in a graphics studio at Wells Fargo Bank three decades ago. She gave up graphics to become a fine artist and has moved into metal sculpture pieces (click here for her site), but had decided to try and clear out her older paintings by offering them at fire sale prices. So I impulsively bought a Richard Diebenkorn-like painting by her that is already up in my apartment and which gives me greater pleasure every time I look at it.

In this dreadful economy, it feels good circulating money to people one knows. In fact, that may be my new mantra.

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namastenancy said...

Thanks for the write up - you did your best with me but I still look like ..well, you know. Flora looks great and the painting that you bought is gorgeous.