Friday, October 31, 2008

Avis at The Ritz

Avis was holding court at the Lone Star Saloon last Saturday...

...reading tarot cards for those curious about their futures.

Though I have known Avis for years, I'm not quite sure if she is a transvestite or a sex change. It doesn't really matter since she is sui generis.

She always gets dressed up to read the cards in public, but Saturday's outfit was extravagant enough that it looked like it was cribbed from the "Afghanistan" show at the Asian Art Museum.

It turned out the extra-fancy outfit was for a party she was working later in the evening for the San Francisco Association of Realtors at the Ritz-Carlton. "Where on earth did you get that dress?" I asked her. "Would you believe Goodwill up the street?"

1 comment:

Pura Vida said...

She is the real thing and for some reason I always think of the Matrix when I see your photos of Avis and the "Am I the one?" question.