Monday, October 06, 2008

Pelosi The Enabler

On Monday afternoon, homemade fliers were taped at one-block intervals along Montgomery Street in San Francisco's Financial District condemning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her $850 billion "rescue" or "bailout" or "ripoff" or whatever it's being called.

Though we are constantly reminded that Pelosi is an historic figure because she's the first female Speaker of the House, I don't think history is going to treat her kindly.

Her image to most of the country is as a "San Francisco liberal" which is an utterly fraudulent characterization. Rather like Senator Feinstein, she's been an enabler her entire time in office for the worst elements of the defense and financial services industries, and her less affluent constituents can simply go to hell. They both have a lot to answer for.


Matty Boy said...

Barbara Lee voted against it the first time and for it the second time.

There's no lefty running against her, so I have to decide whether to vote Libertarian or leave the representative vote blank.

Kathy W said...

I loved, loved your piece 'Lesbian love is the only true love! Though I'm not a lesbian, I love the premise and completly understand. Ahh to be young and gay - it is in my minds eye, idyllic. I know it isn't but - allow me to think so and stay in denial).

Re: Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers. I too think they wussed out entirely. Not saying a package wasn't needed, but they bowed to the time constraints and the disaster promoters. More time to design the oversight and make it TRANSPARENT to the taxpayers. But anyway....

Do you think situations like this, particularly landmark legislation would be more productive and honest if the bill process was simpler, ie: if bills could only concern only one topic - no add ons, no completly unrelated gimme's. Deal with them in a seperate bill. This bill was about relief - I don't want to read about tax breaks for corporations. No more bargaining this for that. Then we would also have a truer understanding about they way they are voting.

Anyway - just a thougt.


sfmike said...

Dear Kathy: Thanks for all the sweet words. And yes, your suggestion of addressing only one thing at a time makes perfect sense, but I don't think that's how legislation in the United States actually works. It's a lot more about stuffing unmentionables ground up with tasty treats into sausage casings.

Still, I think this bailout bill was a complete ripoff of taxpayers from beginning to end, and small taxpayers to boot, since large corporations don't seem to pay many taxes in the United States anymore. It's class war at its nastiest with the greediest completely out of control.