Monday, October 13, 2008

Nigel and The Blue Angels

We have been playing foster parents to Nigel, an old orange tabby, for a friend who was having San Francisco housing problems this year. It was supposed to be a one or two month affair, but month eleven is around the corner, and of course we've all fallen in love with each other. The first couple of months were rough since Nigel, after living in one home for 14 years, was on his third place in six months and was not a happy pussy, spending most of his time hiding in the closet.

I wondered how he would handle the annual invasion of The Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy death machines who seem to enjoy flying what feels like ten feet away from my living room windows for four straight days. We have an imploding national economy, a worldwide ecological nightmare is taking place because we're burning up hydrocarbon molecules as if there were literally no tomorrow, and there are U.S. military bases on just about every country on the planet. The fact that supposedly liberal San Francisco can't even shut down the grotesque and dangerous display of weaponry that is the Blue Angels really is profoundly depressing.

So Nigel and I took a nap on Saturday afternoon and pretended the sonic booms, car alarms, and rattling glass were not actually happening. It was lovely.


Matty Boy said...

From first hand experience, I can testify that Nigel is an agreeable and happy pussy cat, and he is a welcome addition to the Mike and Tony's home.

Winifred said...

Old cats are great. Mine are slowing down, just like me. Very therapeutic.

So happy catnapping with Nigel.

zoo said...

i hope you get to keep mr pussycat!
need to get one for miss sophia. i miss hugolino!greetings from the old world.
PS the european bankers support obama.ahahahahhah

jolene said...

He's adorable! I cat-sat an orange tabby for two months, and she was an absolute delight. Unfortunately her real owners did take her back, but she was a lot of fun while I had her.

namastenancy said...

Nigel is a cool cat and he is living in a very cool household. Good for you two to be able to sleep through the Blue Angels strafing the city. I put on my noise canceling headphones and tried to paint but I was acutely aware of their presence and the horrible waste of resources,

masterymistery said...

you forgot to mention that we continue to mass produce gigantic monstrosities of metal and rubber that we say we need to get around in.

congratulations on blogs of note

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

sfmike said...

Dear masterymistery: I didn't forget about the monstrosities of metal and rubber so much as I didn't want to heap on the depressing details. Thanks for stopping by.

Del4yo said...

I was actually doing exactly the same thing, with a grey tabby and the nice addition of a napping baby.

I wish they replace the Blue Angels wit, let's say, hot air ballon and kites. Wouldn't it be nice?

cubbie said...

that sounds like a great way to cope.