Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday in the Park with Dale 3: The Exhibit

Though I'm not a big fan of Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures, the exhibit itself is delightful.

In fact, I haven't seen colors quite this psychedelically saturated since the "Alice in Wonderland" ride at Disneyland, with its day-glo rooms and singing flowers.

From all accounts, Dale Chihuly is an extraordinarily generous soul.

I have a friend, for instance, who worked as a janitor at the Santa Barbara Art Museum some years ago, and he became friends with Chihuly, who decided to give my friend a huge painting as a gift, which he still owns.

Another generous gesture is the fact that you can take photos at this exhibit.

Video and flash aren't allowed, but this is the first time I've seen a traveling exhibition at the de Young allow personal photography rather than forcing the crowds to buy reproductions at the gift shop.

When I asked a docent why this was happening, she didn't have a clue, but another young man at an admissions desk guessed that it was Chihuly's doing. "He really is a nice guy."


jolene said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, it's really making me excited to go see it, I'm hoping to go this weekend. Are there any installations outdoors?

greg said...

he is a really nice guy. he regularly opened up his workshop/studio space in Washington State for people to hold fundraisers for good causes and candidates.

you might enjoy this, a seattle artist did a portrait of Dale in a 70's action movie sort of theme:

sfmike said...

Dear Jolene: There's only one sculpture outdoors, but they work better inside anyway down in the basement because the rooms are REALLY dark and the lighting is spectacularly theatrical.

Dear Greg: Thanks for the link.

Matty Boy said...

Brilliant stuff, mike. The Line looks like misery but the other two parts are just brilliant. Thanks for publishing this.

momo said...

This is a great series of posts. There is quite a bit of glass sculpture/art at the DeYoung that I enjoy when I get to town.
And the lindy outdoors is a dream.

jolene said...

Thanks! I'm going to stop by soon - I was hoping it'd be outdoors so it'd be pretty at sundown. I know in NY it was extensively outdoors, and merged in with greenery inside a greenhouse, to my recollection.