Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday in the Park with Dale 2: Doing The Lindy

Returning to the park at noon, we walked through the disco skating area just off John F. Kennedy drive which is presided over by the "Godfather of Skating" (above), one of my favorite people in San Francisco.

The main boulevard, which is empty of cars on Sunday, is wonderful, with kids on bikes, skateboarders, walkers, and the less ambulatory being taken around on courtesy shuttles.

The atmosphere was so pleasant that it made me wish the roadway was closed every day, and not just on Sunday, but convincing the car-addicted westside of San Francisco that this would be a good thing has proved to be fruitless.

Meanwhile, on a sidewalk near the de Young museum, a group has set up weekly free dance lessons that look like pure joy.

Close to 100 people were taking a stab at ballroom dancing and it was a treat to watch.

Meanwhile, at the de Young, musicians and circus acts were being featured in various locations around the museum...

...including a trapeze artist undulating away in the sculpture garden.

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