Sunday, June 08, 2008

Palm Trees Poodle Cut

The palm trees at our joint in Palm Springs needed an annual haircut because they were shedding fronds and seeds rather dramatically.

The tree trimmers were a couple of recent emigres from Oaxaca, Mexico.

They had never climbed a palm tree, in fact, until moving to the Coachella Valley.

They certainly learned quickly and have turned into serious daredevils, as you can see in the YouTube video clip of one of the guys rappeling down a rope from the tops of the trees (click here).

The trimming job was really extreme, which is supposedly good for the trees, but they ended up looking like poodles who had been shorn of everything but a few pouffes on their tail and ears.

This did allow for a sliver of moon to pass through the newly denuded palms.


Janet Kathleen Tandy said...

Is there a training facility South of the Border that teaches in order to trim any tree, one must whack off almost every branch, These palms will not be looking normal for 3 or 4 years! People, palms are a grass; they do not have rings

sfmike said...

Dear Janet: According to my neighbors down here, the palms come back from this kind of trimming in a matter of months rather than years. We shall see.

namastenancy said...

Well, I am looking for the little pink bows or should they be lavender - on those poodle-cut trees.

Dan said...

Quite interesting pictures you have taken for this post. I don´t think I would want to have the job of trimming palm trees. They probably trim them back so severely because they don´t want to have to climb back up there too soon.