Friday, June 13, 2008

Mom the Merciless

On our return to San Francisco, we saw huge new signage at the Asian Art Museum advertising a show that's opening June 27th.

Though it's called "Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty," the banners for some reason brought to mind Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon (above).

It also brought back a memory of being in the old Asian Art Museum in Golden Gate Park decades ago with my mother. The only other people in the museum that afternoon seemed to be another gay man my age accompanying an older woman the age of my mother, and at one point in the Chinese vase room I heard him yell out, "Look, Mom, it's a Ming!"


namastenancy said...

Now I fear that I won't be able to look at the exhibit without breaking into giggles. Ming indeed! BTW, that was a great cheezy movie (IMHO).

the.nicole.harvey said...

oh thank goodness someone else was thinking of Flash...thank you!