Friday, January 04, 2008

Whistle Down The Wind

Friday morning's rainstorm was certainly a corker with flying branches falling on people and cars, such as the one above on McAllister Street.

At Harrison near Third Street, there were more downed trees and floods in the gutters, which made crossing major avenues a bit tricky.

At the end of the afternoon, the trash can at Van Ness and McAllister was piled high with umbrellas that were worse than useless for any protection from the storm. It was great adventure.


Matthew Hubbard said...

While we both vent in our own ways about car culture, yesterday I decided I had to go to the grocery store when the worst of it hit. What is usually a 40 minute round trip walk became a really dangerous journey. The wind gusts were at least 40 mph and my umbrella was close to breaking. While I was able to keep my head and shoulders dry, my pants from the knees down were soaked straight through. I called a cab for the trip back to my apartment, but a very nice lady who was driving her 94 year old neighbor to the store gave me a ride back home.

I went out walking later in the day to look for an apartment, but the weather had calmed down considerably by then.

Like you said, an adventure.

sfwillie said...

Somehow the first picture shows the power of the wind in the tree superstructures, like balloons about to burst, and only semi-attached to the ground.

Congratualions to all of us for living through that fucker.

Great post!