Saturday, January 19, 2008

Naked Trapeze Artists in City Hall

District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi holds an art opening on the third Friday evening of every month, featuring his constituents' artwork.

This month featured Gregory Bartning (above), who like most professional photographers, makes his living shooting weddings. (Click here to get to his photoblog which features some of his work.)

The show being presented in Mirkarimi's office was called "Flight Between Dreams"...

...and featured mostly naked trapeze artists in a set of gorgeous prints.

The usual suspects, such as h. brown (above), attended the opening and gossiped about politics...

...while I secretly wished we could be watching trapeze artists flying through the City Hall rotunda instead.


greg said...

awesome writeups and pics as always!

my brother and I almost stopped by on the way back from seeing Cloverfield (which was amazing) but we decided that we probably would not be the most welcome people in the world there right now, given the fact I've been blogging about all the MUNI death and mayhem.

sfmike said...

You're always welcome, Greg, wish you'd been there.