Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Mundane American

Across Van Ness Avenue from City Hall on Friday evening, there was another art opening, this time sponsored by the San Francisco Art Commission in their gallery in the Veterans Building.

It was called "Reconciling America: Miraculous Encounters with the Mundane" which was certainly high concept.

The show consisted of the works of a dozen presumably local artists, including Julia Page with one of her "First Kills" pieces above.

Two of my favorite pieces were by Paul Mullins, the "ATV Engine" above, and the four banal photos below...

...with their own rousing slogan written across them.

Another favorite was the oil canvas above by Brendan Lott entitled "I Just Want to Run Out of Here Screaming," and though the art opening itself was very congenial with free beer and wine for the patrons, the sentiment did mirror my feelings after one too many art openings.

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