Monday, January 14, 2008

Beyond The Fringe

Dear Readers: I somehow managed to erase this post so I'm recreating it in a condensed form. Sorry about that.

On Sunday afternoon, the Green Party was holding a presidential debate for their candidates at the Herbst Theatre on Van Ness.

They were selling tickets for the affair from $10 to $20, which struck me as absurd since the day was so gloriously beautiful, and the last thing I would want to pay money for is to sit in a stuffy theatre listening to political platitudes.

For a very funny account of what it was like inside by Elaine Santore at the Fog City Journal, click here.

A young man with Ron Paul signage was handing out flyers in front of the building...

...and a paranoid looking gentleman from the Peace and Freedom party had a petition to put Single Payer Health Care Insurance on June's ballot, which I happily signed. The owners and executives of health insurance companies belong in jail for the rest of their lives, since they've been stealing resources from all of us while giving absolutely nothing of value in return.


Matty Boy said...

I'm with you on single payer. I'm over 50, working two jobs and unless I'm at over 40% part-time on my public sector job, I can't even think about affording health insurance.

I've been looking at the possibility of moving someplace else, New Zealand and Canada being the prime choices. I don't want to leave while my parents are still around, but if this next election is Hillary vs. Whoever, I will be giving the idea even more serious thought than I'm giving it right now.

Anonymous said...

Whatever else the SF Green Party may be, I don't think they're serious about being a political, you know, party. The person I live with is registered Green, at this address, but never got a mail, email, or phone announcement about this debate thingy. If they want to be clique like the Flat Earth Society or the Baker Street Irregulars, fine, but I think anyone seeking a plausible alternative to the two-party system would be well advised to keep looking.

But oh yes, if anybody has a program to lock up insurance company execs, count me in.

Kit Stolz said...

That Green Party tactic sounds like Lyndon LaRouche to me...create an overpriced product and sell it to your fellow cult members. Troubling.