Thursday, September 20, 2007

San Francisco Symphony's Opening Gala 1

Thanks to a European tour, the Gala Opening Night of the San Francisco's 96th season wasn't competing with the San Francisco Opera opening this year...

...which meant the socialites were rested and ready for yet another marathon night of partying.

The evening began with three cocktail receptions at 5:30 followed by sit-down dinners at 6:30, held variously in a tent and two different areas of City Hall.

This was followed up by the "Champagne Promenade" in the curved Davies Hall lobby, featuring plenty of free bubbly as everyone watched the rich and mildly famous troop in from their parties.

The diminuitive lady above with the tiara is Bella Farrow, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Nob Hill."

When I asked Irene Bechtel and Agnes Brown (above) how old our Queen might be, they replied that all Bella would admit to is 83. "I love her," added Irene. "Talk about determination!"

The crowd's age averaged out a bit younger than the opera opening and some of the expensive gowns looked wonderful on the women rather than absurd.

In fact, judged strictly as a joyful public party, the Symphony won hands down over its neighbor across the street.


Matthew Hubbard said...

Great stuff, Mike. Besides you (and possibly some of your pals), do you think there was anyone else who attended both Tannhauser and the roller derby?

sfwillie said...

The warm, flattering tones seem like soft focus but must be from ambient lighting. These folks look halfway human.

They're going to snag you, Mike.

sfmike: society photographer!