Thursday, September 13, 2007

GGP 1: Shakespeare's Parking Garden

Near the corner of Lincoln and Ninth Avenue within Golden Gate Park, there is a hidden jewel of a mini-park called "The Garden of Shakespeare's Flowers."

The place dates from 1928, when it was organized by the California Spring Blossom and Wildflower Association.

There are a number of inscriptions on the brick wall of botany-related quotes from Shakespeare's works and the stated intent was to fill the small park with floral examples from same.

A wonderfully meticulous bit of graffiti adorned one of the ornamental globes, turning it into a cartoon eyeball...

... which was looking over the construction on the near-completed, rather brutal looking revision of the California Academy of Sciences.

From Shakespeare's Garden, you can take a short path to the Academy of Sciences annex of the new underground parking garage built underneath and to the sides of the Music Concourse.

The huge place was near-empty and looking at the hefty posted rates, $2.50/$3.00 an hour, it was easy to see why.

The Academy parking area exits onto the Music Concourse...

...which takes you to the entrance of the new California Academy of Sciences building.

Continuing across the Music Concourse...

...towards the new deYoung Museum... can walk down a ramp to yet another wing of the massive garage...

...and directly cross the psychedelic green space to the basement entrance of the museum.

I wonder which city employees are eligible for the parking spots at literally the front door.


Greg said...

they should just give up and call the freakin' park Fisher-Hellman Platz, or just call the stupid city Fishergrad.

sfwillie said...

Maybe the garage will fill up when word gets out about the de Young's additional gift shop.

Splendid visit to the Shakespeare Garden!