Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Muni Outfit of the Month

A tall man with long red hair waited for 20 minutes beside me for an outbound N Judah train at the Van Ness Muni Metro station this morning. He was wearing what looked to be homemade armor over the front of both his legs and arms, along with a cape over his shoulders and a bag and a thermos attached to his waist.

I wanted to take a picture at the station, but didn't since he looked a bit frightening. Does anybody over at Greg Dewar's fabulous "N Judah Chronicles" (click here) know who he is? The gentleman didn't seem to be coming or going to a movie shoot and he's definitely not in "Tannhauser" at the opera tonight. In any case, he made me want to wear a cape around everywhere.


zoo said...

ah ahahahha,
I love it! the jedi from N Judah train!


momo said...

Ren Fest?

Nancy Ewart said...

I've seen that guy as well! I wondered if he was on his way to the Opera (apparently not) or a SCA event or just one of our local ....er...folks who are very individualistic in their dress.