Friday, May 04, 2007

Overlapping Margins

The northeast corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin Street hosts an old-fashioned donut shop with the fancy name of Gateway Croissants.

The corner is oddly dangerous because it's literally marginal. This is where the hardcore residential Tenderloin overlaps the world of institutional Civic Center with its middle-class office workers, upper-class lawyers and judges, politicians, and arts professionals.

Three weeks ago, a car rammed into the glass wall on the Golden Gate Avenue side of Gateway Croissants, and the landlord of the building hasn't bothered to fix it, leaving the customers and staff in a coffee shop that looks like a disaster zone.

Speaking of overlapping margins, across the street in front of the Federal Building on Thursday, standing with signage right next to each other, were two legendary San Francisco characters: Frank Chu the Walking Madman of the 12 Galaxies, and Reverend Warren Cromey, a famous retired Episcopal priest.


cubbie said...

i have started going to gateway croissants more since it started looking like that, to show support.

and to eat donuts.

janinsanfran said...

San Francisco still has it characters. Thank goodness. Think land values will drive us all out?

sfwillie said...

Seems like more and more cars are driving onto sidewalks these days, crashing into buildings or running down (intentionally) people.

Makes sense, crowded streets, crowded sidewalks.

News is that the donut place still operates, as if the crash effects were just new decor.

Reminds me of the old Sacramento bar "The Wreck Room."

Jan--I think your comment might apply to our whole gdmf country!

denisdekat said...

gotta love Frank :)

WillySF said...

Good to see Father Cromey is out enjoying his retirement! He's a good guy.