Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Weird

On a hot Sunday afternoon, the How Weird Street Faire took place near Howard and 12th Streets.

This is the eighth and last incarnation of the event at this location because a number of neighbors officially pronounced themselves unamused by all the beautiful young people in costumes dancing in the streets every year.

This is really too bad, since any street event that has a sliding scale admission based on whether you 're wearing a costume or not is onto something good, which may have been part of the problem.

The tiny street fair which started completely under the radar has become too popular.

Walking by the fair, we saw the woman above giving a ticket to the Bike Coalition guy who was playing parking attendant for two-wheelers.

"Can you tell me what it looks like?" we heard him ask.

Walking down 11th Street, we ran into a pair of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who were on their way to be judges at some Bare Chest Calendar event at DV8.

We continued to Harrison and 10th to drink beer in the backyard of the Lone Star Saloon with other pudgy old gay guys...

...and a few stragglers from the How Weird Faire.

I take my camera everywhere to capture photos for you, my dear readers, and this inspired the young man above to go out to his car and retrieve his professional quality camera so he could take some serious black-and-white art shots.

The 36-year-old photographer was handsome, friendly and genuinely sweet, which didn't quite add up for a gay bar, so I asked him if he was a homosexual.

"No, not really. I'm here with my older brother (above)..."

"...and his partner Lowell."

The two of us merrily played shutterbugs all afternoon while getting tipsy, and upon noticing a pretty young woman looking very out-of-place (she was in a similar situation with relatives), I informed her that the cute dude was a hetero.

"You're kidding, right?" she wanted to know, and when I reconfirmed it, the flirting commenced in earnest.


Larry-bob said...

Aw, how sweet -- but don't spread the word lest the patio of the Lonestar become the new Plumpjack's!

heidi said...

Glad to see you are in fine form with yr finger on the pulse..

WillySF said...

Very amusing post! You are now an official Lone Star match maker!

I laughed at the truth behind this statement: "The 36-year-old photographer was handsome, friendly and genuinely sweet, which didn't quite add up for a gay bar, so I asked him if he was a homosexual."

If only it wasn't so…

hazelflagg said...

homophobe anyone?

-sincerely hazelflagg, thwarting the spread of homophobia one blog at a time.

sfmike said...

Dear hazelflagg: I'm going to leave your stupid remark up for the time being, though accusing others of "homophobia" because they don't speak in whatever twits like you assume is the Correct Language of Homophile Community and Pride is truly beneath contempt. And please don't return to Civic Center, particularly with a phony link to your name.

JoannaOC said...

The bike check photo is priceless!