Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The MacArthur Maze Meltdown

A retired UC French professor friend is a fellow connoisseur of mayhem, and he sent along the following note yesterday:
"Why is it you people get to have all the fun? And on a scale unrivaled anywhere else? OK, so we have, like, a teeny gang murder in front of Saks in Santa Barbara. But this has none of the panache of the Dali telephone droop of the interchange overpass. That's really impressive I must say."

As disasters go, it was fairly impressive and my friend Jack really did put his finger on it when describing the ruined freeway as a "Dali telephone droop."

The best early coverage of the Sunday morning event was by Eve Batey and Marisa Lagos over at the NWZCHIK blog at SFGate (click here). Some of the best photos, particularly of politicians posturing in front of the wreckage, are by Luke Thomas over at the Fog City Journal (click here). And Beth Spotswood wonders why the family of James Mosqueda, the truck driver perpetrator didn't submit a better photo to the Associated Press than the one "of their beloved James pouring himself some frosted wheat puffs and looking frightened by a camera" (click here).

Our scary clown of a governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, arrived at the scene of the meltdown and announced that all public transit in the Bay Area would be free on Monday, as if that were going to solve anything.

Like quite a number of other unscrupulous freeloaders, I jumped on a Sausalito ferryboat late on Monday afternoon just for the heck of it, and the complimentary trip was exquisite.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, dude.
The Saint Babs strangler.

Jon said...

'twas very bliss to spend an entire day without worrying about the fare box. Many passengers commented that it was the first good thing Arnold has done.

cookiecrumb said...

You scoundrel.