Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Previews of Coming Attractions

Ten days from now, on Saturday, February 24th, a musical marathon of three consecutive concerts benefiting the Other Minds Music Festival will take place at the Swedenborgian Church, which is an Arts and Crafts jewel box in Presidio Heights. (Click here for their site.)

The event is called a "New Music Seance," with the pianist Sarah Cahill doing most of the heavy lifting over the course of eight to ten hours, playing "hypnotic" music of the 20th century. (Click here for the entire program and ticket info.) This is the second "seance" after the inaugural edition's sold-out success a year and a half ago. I wrote about it at the time here and here and here.

Because it's a benefit, they are getting free labor from everyone, and are trying to get people to buy $50 tickets for each concert. But if you don't have much money, they are selling the same tickets for $20. It's more than worth it, if only for the spirits that hang about the concerts.


Kaushal Jhalla said...

I love such Events.. Is there a website/forum where Ic an follow upcoming events in Sf before they occur.

Civic Center said...

Dear kaushal: Not really. But if you happen to read this today (Saturday the 17th), you should check out Lou Harrison's "Young Caesar" at Yerba Buena tonight. It was really interesting.

Chauffeurette said...

Thanks for featuring the Swedenborgian Church! It truly is a gem.