Friday, February 23, 2007

Go Say Hell

Across from San Francisco's Federal Building on Larkin Street at the corner of Turk...

...Kahn & Keville has an auto shop with a large marquee where they often post jokes, alignment specials, and so on.

On Thursday, there was a lovely message thanking the Quakers ("Friends") for their five-year-long peace vigil a block away.

Because of a few hooks holding up the sign, the final line almost reads as "GO SAY HELL" which would work just fine too, considering the atrocities the United States has been perpetrating in the Middle East for the last five years.

The people had planned a concurrent lobbying trip on Thursday to Speaker Pelosi's 14th-floor office, but they canceled the action after hearing that Nancy's brother in Baltimore had just died.

Though readers of this blog know that I'm not a big Pelosi fan, at least she's making attempts to get the United States troops out of Iraq, unlike her counterpart Senator Dianne Feinstein whose scumbag husband Richard Blum has been war-profiteering off the Mideast wars through his Perini construction company and URS corporation.

For more info on the latter, read the fine articles by writers Peter Byrne (click here) and Joshua Frank (click here).


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you will see this but wanted to thank you for your response on sfist. Left you a re-response but the maggots started crawling out so i ended my involvement. Kinda flashed me back to that episode on "West Wing" where Josh got bit by bloggers. Guess you saw Peter Byrne's latest piece on Newsom in the Bohemian. Pretty good Cliff's notes.

Civic Center said...

Dear Patrick: Although restraining oneself can be difficult, it's always good to keep the mantra "don't feed the trolls" in your head when commenting on sites like SFist or SFGate or the Huffington Post. If you can't say everything you need to say in one or two (maximum) postings, then just give up.

Having said that, it was still wonderful reading your smart and funny indignation over at SFist which is why I chimed in. And yes, my friend h. brown sent a link to Peter Byrne's Newsom piece which I'll be linking to at some point because it's so well written.

Thanks for coming by "Civic Center."

sfwillie said...

Kahn & Keville is prob the oldest auto tire dealer in S.F. They say "since 1912," when popular motoring was just beginning. Support from them is kind of touching.

Me, I say "hell" where ever I drop by.