Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Tour de Palm Springs 2

At the end of the race, there was a block-long festival of sorts on Palm Canyon Drive.

Since we had huffed and puffed our way around Palm Springs all morning, Lesley helped herself to two official "Tour de Palm Springs" T-shirts to commemorate the event and gave one to me.

The fair was fun, with all the cyclists and their bright plumage...

...standing around exuding endorphin highs.

There was a family bicycle-built-for-four...

...siblings arm wrestling...

...and cyclists wearing "in memoriam" T-shirts for a Marine relative killed in Iraq.

There were booths lining the street, including a weird Christian one...

...that featured multiple choices.

Finally, there was another good rock band that was playing as background for a couple of young daredevils doing stunts on a ramp.

They were not only performing backflips but looked as if they might keep sailing all the way over the palms.

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Matthew Bamberg said...

Cool shots! Especially of the flying cycle. Welcome to Palm Springs. I'm Matt and I live here. If you ever need help with photography try my book, Digital Art Photography for Dummies. Hope to see you when I sign at the Peppertree Books on March 1 at the Thursday street fair.

I've also started a new blog, Palm Springs Daily Photo.

Have fun when you're here.