Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sailing to Armageddon

While most of San Francisco and the rest of the nation were watching the train wreck last Thursday that is the Mayor Gavin Newsom administration...

...there were other people focusing on slightly more pressing issues...

...such as how to stop the slaughter in Iraq and the coming lunatic invasion of Iran.

According to the "Jerusalem Post," under an article (click here for the whole thing) that was posted below the satellite image of the Suez Canal above, the following is currently taking place:
"A US Navy strike group led by the assault ship USS Bataan steamed through the Suez Canal on Tuesday [January 30th] on its way to join the buildup of American forces in the Middle East. The Bataan, which entered Egyptian waters Monday, spent the night at the Mediterranean harbor of Port Said and was expected to leave the Egyptian part of the Red Sea later Tuesday, a Suez Canal official said, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The seven-vessel Bataan group includes 2,200 US Marines and sailors, helicopters and Harrier fighter jets, the Navy said in Bahrain. The US Fifth Fleet, which is based in Bahrain, will be overseeing around 50 warships in the Mideast after the arrival of the Bataan and an American aircraft carrier group in February, said US Navy Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown. The Fifth Fleet normally commands a fleet of about 45 ships, about a third of them from US-allied navies, Brown said.

The Navy is in the midst of a regional buildup, with the group of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis on its way as well as 21,500 US soldiers being sent to Iraq. The carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is already in the region.

The United States has not had two carriers in the Mideast since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003."

Markley Morris and Steve The Quaker stood stolidly at the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue as interminable speakers thundered against the United States' pre-emptive wars.

When are these speakers ever going to learn that preaching to the converted just turns everyone off?

Meanwhile, the United States Senate debates a "non-binding" resolution against the Iraq War that is virtually meaningless to the monomaniacal villains currently running the country.

A monthly die-in finally ensued after the speeches, and the world turns round, waiting for the other shoe to drop, while the American public is told nothing.


sfwillie said...

I agree with you about preaching to the converted and the time for that should be limited.

But sometimes it's important for people to stand on the steps of power and shout their message.

If you shout,it's a possibility that no one will hear. If you remain silent, it's a certainty.

It's like congress--you don't have to listen. I know, it gets really cold in that plaza.

Good insert about military assets.

janinsanfran said...

Glad you went -- had to work. This working stuff gets in the way of trying to save lives, not to mention enjoying life. :-)

Congrats on moving to New Blogger.

markleym said...

Thanks for a good report, Mike. Steve The Quaker is aka Stephen Matchett - he's been a mainstay of the Thursday vigil for more than five years.