Sunday, January 14, 2007

Uke Till You Puke

The coolest store in the Hayes Valley, Isotope (click here for their website)...

...sells "graphic novels"...

...and serves as a hangout spot for those who love them.

On Saturday evening a free-to-all party was held...

...hosted by the store proprietor James Sime (above)...

...and there were even free cocktails being served by the extraordinarily pleasant and beautiful Kirsten Baldock.

Entertainment was provided by an assortment of musicians who specialized in ukeleles and other odd instruments...

...and the surprise was how good they were.

Kelly McCubbin started the set with the memorable line, "Tonight we're going to uke till you puke." (Click here for his website.)

He was augmented, as Condi Rice would say, by the Five Cent Coffee band (click here)...

...and a musician listed as "Just Henry" (click here).

My favorite performer was the accordion player above who looked sort of sad and soulful, as if he were about to start crying and playing Jacques Brel. It was a great evening.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the writeup and the amazing pictures!
I'm glad that people enjoyed it as much as we did!
I tell ya, Isotope Comics is a real treasure in San Francisco. It's one of those gems of a place that you want to use to show off your city when people come to visit from out of town; unique, welcoming and giddily fun.

- Kelly, The Ukeapocalypse

Anonymous said...

I need a breakdown on the merch.

Normal comic books?
"Underground" comic books?
Big old fantasy things that are mostly art not story?

What is this stuff? And I wonder what the nut is on that store, like, how many comicbooks do they have to sell.

The last three photos look like paintings. It seems like a different palette, neat.