Friday, January 26, 2007

Let Us Then Try

The weekly Quaker/Buddhist/What-Have-You Peace Vigil continues on Thursdays at noon in front of San Francisco's Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue.

Unfortunately, we not only have the Iraq War and the withdrawal of U.S. troops to worry about, but the murderous lunatics currently in charge of the U.S. government and Israel now want to attack Iran, and they are not making their plans particularly secret. Another troop carrier division just left the San Diego region for the Persian Gulf last week according to friends of my mother.

At Chris Floyd's "Empire Burlesque" website (click here), he makes a chilling case for the disaster we are currently facing. Here's an excerpt:
"The very best outcome of a war with Iran – the most benign result possible to imagine – will be deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and a floodtide of terror and carnage set loose on a world in overwhelming economic crisis. That is the best possible outcome. The worst is the slaughter of tens of millions of innocent people from the nuclear attacks that we know George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have advocated in their maniacal war planning: tens of millions dead, hundreds of millions poisoned, whole nations brought to ruin and a planet mortally sickened. Between these two poles of ungodly mass slaughter and unfathomable genocide lie the only possible realistic outcome of a war with Iran. And we stand on the very brink."

Another great piece worth reading is a recent Lance Mannion essay about "irrational hatred" by liberals towards Bush, and what a crock that particular meme is. Click here to check it out.

The next two months will pretty much tell the tale whether the madmen in D.C. can be restrained by other powerful forces there, or if we're all sliding into hell together. Do what you can, and praying's not a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

okay I will. pray, that is. and maybe some other stuff too.

that man below in the lovely gold-black brocade vest -- is he your prominent irish uncle who appreciates a drink? a cross between an older you and some of my relatives.

love from me on a rainy day,

Anonymous said...

do you think that hillary or whoever next in line as our next pres. will go with the great idea of invading yet another middle east country? that looks really bad in the polls...