Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mayor McChicken

At h. Brown's weekly Burrito Political Salon, there was a late arrival who announced that he had just spent a bunch of money renting a chicken costume at a Haight Street costume shop. It was to wear to the "Community Town Hall Meeting" in the Richmond District on Saturday morning that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was conducting in lieu of the voter-approved "Question Time" with the Board of Supervisors.

Unfortunately, the gentleman was feeling a bit under the weather healthwise, so he asked if anybody else would be interested in wearing the outfit outside of the Recreation Center on 18th Avenue, and a volunteer was coerced into the role. "Where's the costume?" he asked, and the response was "In my car," followed by "Try it on, dude!" In a spirit of civic duty, I also signed on to wear the costume in case the original volunteer chickened out.

There have been no early morning phone calls so I assume our volunteer is in front of the recreation hall even as I type. For a "Fake Question Time Drinking Game," check out Rita's contribution to the mockery of our mayor at SFist by clicking here. For a more nuanced appreciation of the Handsomeness of the Fiery Mayor, check out Beth Spotswood's "why is he in a crack alley..." by clicking here. I can't wait to see how this all plays out.


Civic Center said...

According to h. Brown's account of the three local news stations this evening:

Channel #5: Hurt Gavin the worst. They caught him going out of the meeting and he paused but when they asked something, he told them he wouldn't answer because the meeting was
only about Homelessness and that's all he'd talk about. While he's saying this, there's a 7 foot bright yellow chicken standing behind him. He was starting to walk away in anger when I guess he realized he wouldn't have anyone to talk to if he cut off the Hearsts.

Channel #2: Were much more interested in the chickens. As Gavin droned on they panned the crowd and concentrated on finding chickens. Particularly amusing was watching a big chicken sitting in the front row taking notes as fast as they could. I wondered if it was Ken Garcia.

Channel #7: Had to talk to the chickens. Gavin's frozen them out. Pretty soon he'll only be talking to himself. One big chicken followed Gavin to his limo flapping his wings and calling out: "Gavin go get drinkee! Gavin go get drinkeee!!".

Anonymous said...

O joy -- you got to meet the chicken! I envy you. I was thinking how great it would have been to have your account of Newsom's discomfiture. Glad to see this!