Monday, January 29, 2007

Queen Beth in North Beach

Never having indulged in internet dating and/or sex, I still find it exciting and bewildering encountering people in the flesh who I have only known in the online world.

After being virtual pen pals for over a year with the smart, witty writer Beth Spotswood (click here for her blog), I finally met her on Saturday night.

The occasion was a celebration of Beth's 29th birthday at the Washington Square Bar and Grill, and the experience didn't disappoint.

Part of the fun was meeting the large cast of characters Beth has been writing about for the last couple of years...

...including her sweet roommate...

...along with her baby brother...

...and her best friend Zoe.

There were a few other bloggers at the event, including Sam Breach (above), who I think of as the Queen of the Food Blogs over at her magnificent "Becks and Posh" (click here), though she maintains that she doesn't covet that particular title.

Also present was Eve Batey (unpictured), who used to be the editor of SFist (click here) but who is now working for the San Francisco Chronicle's website, where Beth has just been hired for a weekly essay on their Culture Blog (click here for a sample). Eve's brilliant predecessor at SFist, Jackson West (above), also showed up for the party looking relaxed and charming.

Many of us drank way too much, but it was a young persons' party so it continued late into the night.

Even though Beth's would-be boyfriend, Mayor Gavin Newsom, was in Davos, Switzerland rather than getting hammered at the Tosca bar, we still made a pilgrimage there and continued worshiping at the altar of Queen Beth on the occasion of her birth.


Anonymous said...

Queen Beth, Queen of Food blogs, all the other Queens, maybe we should have our next party in a palace? We clearly deserve it.

Civic Center said...

Dear Sam: Good idea. I think my mother has a few connections at the Hearst Castle in Cambria. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Beth looks like the hotter, more fun version of Jennifer Garner.