Monday, October 08, 2018

Bikers, Sailors, and Strikers

Saturday afternoon on a solo stroll, I had lunch in the Embarcadero backyard of Red's Java Hut while surrounded by a Chicano biker gang. The guys were quite sweet, but some of their girlfriends were genuinely scary. The woman above gave one of the best death stares imaginable while this photo was being taken, and I stayed far away.

Behind us was a Navy ship berthed in the bay for Fleet Week.

Watching young men wandering the weird city of San Francisco in porno sailor's uniforms makes just about everyone happy.

It's too bad they are accompanied by the Blue Angels synchronized war machine ballet that blasts the city with their abusive soundtrack every year.

Walked by the disastrous new Salesforce Transit Center, a multi-billion dollar boondoggle which opened last month and then immediately closed because of structural flaws.

The project, subsidized heavily by taxpayers, was sold to the public as San Francisco's version of Grand Central Station, except that in this case nothing actually goes to the place other than a few bus lines. No trains, no MUNI, no BART, no Central Subway.

The probable amount of graft mixed with incompetence is staggering, and if we lived in a just world, everyone in the San Francisco City Family who was part of this mess would be in prison, starting with Willie Brown, Jr.

But we do not live in a just world, as demonstrated by the many strikers at fancy hotels downtown...

...with the simple demand of a living wage for backbreaking work.

The human cacophony was a cheering sonic counterweight to the Blue Angels' machine brutalism, and it was amusing to see them in front of the St. Regis Hotel, where Willie Brown, Jr. lives.

I hope they win.

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