Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Marriage of Toby & An at the SF Opera House

Walking by the San Francisco Opera House at 6PM on Saturday...

...I noticed people on the mezzanine balcony, and thought it early for an opera crowd.

It turned out the Opera House was being rented out for a wedding party for Toby Brown and An Tran...

...whose names and faces were on the outdoor marquees usually advertising San Francisco's opera or ballet seasons.

I Googled the pair this morning with San Francisco as a modifier, but found nothing.

Toby Brown on his own led to an amusing British blog called the London Egotist (click here) where the above photo of Toby Brown, Prince of Estate Agents, was featured under the headline "Is this estate agent the biggest tool in London?" There are also photos of creative acts of defacement that various people have inflicted on Toby's London bus shelter image.

Now the Toby Brown whose wedding party took place at the San Francisco Opera House may not be the same wanker who is the Prince of Real Estate Agents in London. However, what are the chances of two wealthy young narcissists with the same name and similar dimples who both have a passion for putting their mugs on public display being two different people? It could be a doppelganger, but I'm guessing not.

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TK said...

Excellent work, Detective!

Given your ties to the opera, surely there's some way you could have snuck in? Fortune favors the bold!