Monday, September 08, 2014

Fractured Landscape at Patricia's Green

The latest public sculpture in the center of Patricia's Green in Hayes Valley has just been installed, surrounded by yellow caution tape...

...possibly to keep beautiful young people from climbing all over it.

At the Hoodline blog, neighborhood commenters are already freaking out at the proximity of the sculpture to the children's playground fifty feet away.

As Susie notes, "Yah, my son's head is about the same height as one of those steel corners. So, count me worried."

The sculpture is by Mark Baugh-Sasaki, constructed of steel and chunks of concrete in commemoration of the destroyed, doubledecker Central Freeway that ran through the blighted Hayes Valley neighborhood for three decades.

Mark's last sculpture in the same space from 2009, Adaptations, was made of bound branches and was rather pretty (click here), while this piece is seemingly deliberately ugly. I sort of like it, for whatever that's worth. There will be a public opening party this Thursday, September 11th from 5 to 8 PM, and maybe somebody will even take the caution tape down.

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