Tuesday, September 30, 2014

California Culture 5: Art in Nature Festival

People who seem to be the most stereotypical Californians are usually from somewhere else.

A good example would be Laura Inserra and Claudia Anfuso, the Italian founders of the Art in Nature Festival. It is a free, annual, small, hippie-style daylong arts festival nestled within the mile-long Stream Trail in the middle of Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills.

Everyone is invited to "experience art in nature, and delve into the nature of art throughout 12 theme areas featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting...

...martial arts...

...poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, storytelling, arts & crafts...

...kids activities and more."

There was a grand piano in one small clearing where Sarah Cahill was one of a number of pianists who performed for hikers and people who paused for a concert.

She was playing garden music by Danny Clay, where the composer notes that the piece "was originally conceived as a sort of planted 'soundmark' for passersby to discover, pause, and listen to for as long as desired before proceeding on their journey. Over time, however, this little seed of sound grew, blossomed, and proliferated into something quite vast, not unlike these woods."

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