Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gay Pride in Civic Center

What a pretty day it has turned out to be for the annual Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. Be careful out there, though. The event has devolved into a alcohol-fueled fest for young suburbanites, many of them straight, who want to party in public for free, rather like Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day. My advice is to exit Civic Center early before they get too drunk and violent.


Nancy Ewart said...

There were hordes of them going down my little street last night - drunk out of their minds and noisy with it. They also left a few calling cards which we cleaned up this morning. I hope they go back where they came from after today's festivities - if not, at least I can take comfort in the thought that they will have a horrible hang over tomorrow.

Hattie said...

This was the picture in Seattle, too. A basically white mob. The gay pride parade I went to here a few years ago was nothing like this!