Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Modern Elegance Meets Urban Vitality

A new 20-unit condo complex called Onyx Homes, with one-bedrooms starting at $779,000, has just gone up this year at the corner of De Haro and 16th Street at the base of Potrero Hill.

There was an Open House on Sunday, with door signage proclaiming that the complex was where "Modern Elegance Meets Urban Vitality."

I'm not sure if a street person emptying a trash can on the sidewalk in front of your modern, elegant condo is considered "urban vitality," but it sums up the present moment in San Francisco neatly, where bums and millionaires seem to be the only people surviving the latest tech gold rush.


janinsanfran said...

Nice catch.

Neighborhood Resident said...

At least this spot has no feces on the sidewalk. But walk three blocks or less and find modern day 49-ers camping and squatting to relieve themselves on the sidewalks. Pay particular attention to the 100 blocks of Irwin and Hooper adjacent to the CCAC, a supposed university that cares nothing for its neighbors or the neighborhood. I suppose that and the tens of huge buses that supply students from God knows where and sit for hours idling Diesel engines on the street outside the CCAC. I guess when you commute from Sacramento or Tracy or Modesto to San Francisco for "art" classes it must be really exciting to be face to face with the bums, felons, and child molesters just outside your door. And heck, shouldn't the be crapping and camping on the sidewalks--cool!

Civic Center said...

Dear Neighborhood Resident: I know that encampment on the other side of California College of the Arts (no Crafts anymore in the name) and it seems to be getting larger every month. It's not just the school that doesn't seem to give a fig about the situation, it's also the police who can't be bothered to get out of their patrol cars or stations.

Hattie said...

That is so funny in a horrible sort of way.