Saturday, January 25, 2014

The End of the 49ers Party

Last Sunday beautiful young 49ers fans arrived at the Bell Tower for early lunches before rooting for the home team in the NFC playoff game.

We headed South of Market to watch the game in public, and came across the detritus of a pre-emptive wine party at 11th and Howard.

The major compensations for their season ending loss was that we aren't being subjected to two weeks worth of dumb Super Bowl stories in the local media, and nobody torched a Muni bus.


AphotoAday said...

Well, you don't catch me watching football games very often, but I had the game on for a bit last week. A whoop and a holler always goes up in my neighborhood when the 9-ers score or make a good play, so I don't even have to be watching the game to be a part of the excitement. But I did, and I almost got into the action until I kept seeing guys "getting their bell rung". Not a fan of any game that is going to result in a concussion, no matter how highly paid that athlete is. Anyway, yeah, all I know is that in that photo, yes, that IS a whole lot of wine -- I'm betting someone came along and stole the container it was in. Looks like they are all still corked bottles. Probably enough residual wine to fill a glass. Must be a name for 33 different kinds of wine mixed together.

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Donald: I feel pretty much the same way about football. And for the record, the wine bottles were definitely empty, not enough remaining for even one glass.

Greg said...

Whenever I start going off on professional sports on Twitter, my college friends are all kinda shocked because back in the day I went to Hippie College (UC Santa Cruz) and could give 2 fraks about anything pro sports.

Now I like them mostly because it's a chance to hang out with the neighborhood friends at the local, and considering how bad most TV is, the drama you get in your 3 hours is pretty good. The Giants are good at torture, the Niners are getting good at it too.

Losing sucked, but losing to a team/city that is so boring and has such awful fans was definitely a bummer. Glad I escaped and got home to SF in 2000!

Hattie said...

Yeah,Seattle is a drag,no doubt about it. Wouldn't spend time there if it wasn't where my children and grandchildren live.