Friday, January 10, 2014

Freeloading at the Asian

Last Sunday I tagged along with Kian, Luca and James as they looked at Korean royal placenta jars on Free First Sunday at the Asian Art Museum.

We bumped into docent Pamela Fischer above leading a large group around the Korean Joseon Dynasty exhibit, and after giving me a piercing look, she said, "Stick around. I want to talk to you." Apprehensive that she was upset about her photo being featured on the internet without permission (click here), I was relieved to find she was instead "immensely flattered" by her Divine Docent recognition. She will be giving another tour of the Korean exhibit at 2PM this Sunday, and it should be a smaller, more intimate group, since it is not a Free Sunday. You can even watch the 49ers game on TV at 10AM before soaking in some cultural wisdom.

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