Monday, January 13, 2014

Colin Kaepernick Resounding

After watching the first half of the 49ers-Panthers playoff game at home, I insisted on joining fellow San Franciscans in public for the second half of the game. Even though it was really too early to be hanging out in a saloon, we went to Brass Tacks, the young hetero bar that used to be the divine drag joint Marlena's on Hayes Street. The crowd watching the game was eclectic and amused, with the gentleman above providing the most fan excitement, literally dancing on the sidewalk.

After the final 49er interception when it became obvious that the home team was going to win, we went next door to Flipper's for an al fresco breakfast and saw the woman above worshiping Colin Kaepernick during the final moments of the game. Now we get to do it again next weekend.

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