Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK Day 2: Golden Gate Park

We spent much of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day walking down Martin Luther King Drive on the south side of Golden Gate Park from the Haight to the Pacific Ocean.

We detoured through the controversial Botanical Garden, with its new admission kiosks for out-of-towners, and used our San Francisco Golf ID cards to walk through for free.

Even though I was opposed to charging admission for a space that had long been free for all, I may have changed my mind. It was lovely being in a pretty place with such few people and without the suburban riff-raff and tourists who didn't want to throw away $7 for admission to a botanical garden.

Since it costs so much to live in San Francisco, this has became one of the few economic perks of urban citizenship.

We walked around Stow Lake and saw a woman with a headscarf steadily holding an iPad as she captured her children/grandchildren playing at water's edge on her digital device.

It was another reminder, as if Obama's second inauguration day was not enough, that we live in a new world.

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