Sunday, January 13, 2013

BART Pigeon

Friday rush hour in the San Francisco 24th Street BART station featured a lone pigeon calmly walking around the boarding area as if it meant to take a train to Richmond rather than bother flying there.

The pigeon walked about the platform pecking at crumbs of food in the cracks while stopping to read discarded pieces of writing.

It was a mystery how the bird made it down two sets of long stairways to the boarding area in the first place, but this didn't seem to be its first time hanging out at the BART circus.


janinsanfran said...

There's usually a pigeon or two in that station. There is also a visually interesting pigeon-roost-ledge observable on the right side of the up escalator. I keep meaning to take a series of rides and photograph it. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey its cute very freedom going soul in that rush Area of BART Station.

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