Monday, January 14, 2013

Civic Center Sunday

In front of the blasted heath where City Hall's Holiday Tree stood for most of December...

...a man in a 49er hoodie with pom-poms in his hand was dancing in a celebratory manner to music delivered via headphones.

Across the plaza, between the Asian Art Museum and the Main Library, trucks were parked awaiting the packout from the final Orpheum Theatre Lion King matinee before driving the production to Austin, Texas.

In anticipation of the quick packout, there were large wooden production boxes parked on Market Street near the stage door with surreal signage, including "Hyena Rack 1."

Behind the theater, the Heart of the City Farmers Market was in full flower, with a new busker above playing an electrified cello in music so unexpectedly beautiful that it stood out like a beacon. The cellist looked mortified while I was taking his picture and kept his head down. I wanted to ask if the music was written by him, notated or improvised, or the work of a fellow composer, but talking felt rude so I left some money and bought some Fuji apples five feet away.

This neighborhood is a joy to document.


mw said...

Nice post. A great reminder that what is going on outside City Hall makes it worthwhile putting up with what is going on inside City Hall.

But it is a close call.

Anonymous said...

"Holiday Tree"? What holiday would that be, then?

Civic Center said...

Dear Anonymous: I believe it was The War on Xmas Holiday.