Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mckayla Maroney Is Not Impressed with SF Rec and Park

Saturday afternoon a large video screen had been constructed in Civic Center Plaza for a San Francisco Recreation and Park Olympic Viewing Party "featuring Olympic skills games, gourmet food options, kids arts and crafts, and plenty of family fun!"

The only real item of interest was local Olympian Eddie Hart above, who was part of another infamous disaster at the 1972 Munich Olympics when his coach, Stan Wright, failed to deliver Eddie and Stan Robinson to a quarterfinal heat for the 100 meter race because of an outdated schedule. The two runners who had just set world records in their Olympic trials were disqualified, though Eddie did manage to anchor the 4 x 100m relay and win a gold medal. It was this same medal which he was allowing people such as the British tourist above to wear and pose for photos with him in Civic Center. Mr. Hart couldn't have been more gracious and charming, which helped mitigate the circus sideshow feel.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has historically been one of the top dysfunctional organizations in San Francisco city government, a traditional dumping ground for the dimmest of nephews who need a job through family connections. The "Olympic Viewing Party" on the big screen was the same crappy NBC coverage everybody has been watching at home, and it was even more grotesque being blared out on huge speakers and on a big screen. To say that the Viewing Party attracted nobody is an exaggeration, but not far from the truth. It was a very sad event, and an expensive looking one to boot.

On adjoining lawns there were forlorn, empty tents offering Arts and Crafts to invisible souls. Mckayla Maroney was not impressed.

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