Sunday, August 05, 2012

Creepshow Camp 2012

There are San Francisco summer camps for kids galore, offering everything from windsurfing lessons to French language immersion. The one I would have wanted to attend, though, is the Creepshow Camp at the Hypnodrome in the South of Market neighborhood.

The two-week theatre camp has been led for the last six years by Thrillpeddlers director Russell Blackwood (above, with Flynn De Marco), and according to their website:
"Young devotees of Horror, Sci-Fi and Suspense have a summer camp to call their own! Creepshow Camps face “fright” with curiosity and creativity, revealing the secret techniques behind scary entertainments’ vitality and power."

The camp ends with a half-hour play featuring all the campers, and this Friday it was called Adventure Club Strikes Back! by Michael Phillis, where The Mystery Club above foolishly explore a haunted old schoolhouse and are turned into zombies by a malevolent grandmother.

They are eventually saved by their rivals, The Adventure Club and The Danger Club above, and through a turn of events not to be revealed, there is pizza at the end for all, including the audience. This is Lunch Theatre done right. If interested, call Russell Blackwood at (415) 377-4202 about last-minute enrollment in the fourth and final session that starts on Monday, August 6th.

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namastenancy said...

Well, darn - there should be a similar camp for group up kids + Pizza!