Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get Inside Outside Lands

The Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park is being put on by Another Planet Entertainment, whose San Francisco headquarters are at Bill Graham Auditorium. On Friday, a whole fleet of buses arrived for the weekend to transport passengers from the Civic Center site out to the music festival four miles away.

Muni has been a predictable disaster for public transport to the large music festival since it started (click here for last year's mess) so the producers came up with their own public bus transport this year from a nearby BART station. When I asked at the Bill Graham ticket window if the bus ride came with the price of a ticket or was extra, they replied "it's an extra charge, and it's sold out."

Muni did send a whole fleet of shuttle buses up McAllister Street this afternoon, by the way, but they sent them at the wrong time, at about 3PM, when everyone had already made it to the Golden Gate Park site, and so the special Shuttle Buses were running completely empty. Muni management sometimes seems to work at being so stupid.

In an unintentional series of ironies, Civic Center just across from the bus staging ground at Bill Graham was littered with hobos sleeping in the park across from buses proclaiming, "get inside outside lands." Their bodies gave the signage a whole different meaning.


namastenancy said...

People have been posting images of the empty MUNI buses lined up along the street & intersections where people are spilling into the street, looking for transportation. I was coming home yesterday and saw a couple flag a taxi to take them to the Outerlands. I didn't hear the price but the girl blanched.

AphotoAday said...

We are a nation of sheep.

namastenancy said...

I have also read tweets from people about the drug use, piles of ca-ca and puke, and general mess. But then, I always hated huge gatherings. I see no reason to change my mind at this late date.

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Nancy: You sound like a slave to social media. You should get out more in public, into the piles of caca (one word) and puke.

I was never a big rock concert fan even at the proper age in the 1960s because of the always iffy amplification/sound design, though I liked the music well enough. Rock concerts/festivals are basically capitalistically arranged Dionysian rituals for young people who have some money. Nothing right or wrong with it.