Monday, June 11, 2012

Untying Space and Bad Energy

Next door to the Sunday Heart of the City Farmers Market is the Asian Art Museum where I made a quick visit to check out the Phantoms of Asia show again.

Sitting in front of the Untying Space black masking tape installation by Sun Kwak was a cheerful looking tour group being lectured to by a docent. I immediately fled into one of the exhibit rooms nearby but there was a new security guard who saw my camera and immediately barked, "You can't take flash photos in here, sir." For some reason this thoroughly pissed me off, possibly because I've been a member of the museum for years and know the rules.

I told the guard I had no intention of taking flash photos and didn't appreciate his rudeness. "It was just a helpful reminder, sir," he replied, and I replied, "no, it was not a helpful reminder, it was just rude." Figuring it was better to chill out, I headed to the second floor Japanese rooms where there is a meditative alcove with a water-covered rock, and did everything but chant "Om." It seemed to work.


Nancy Ewart said...

I'm sorry for your encounter - I always keep an eye out for the guards so that I don't get lectured - which I HATE! But I love that meditative space upstairs. Sometimes when I have just had it, I go there and sit for a while until I no longer have the urge to rip somebody's body parts off - not that I could, you understand.

Civic Center said...

Dear Nancy: I HATE being greeted at a museum exhibit as if I'm a potential criminal or a hyperactive 13-year-old. A simple "good afternoon" would suffice, followed by "you know the camera flash policy, don't you?" if they are really anxious.

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