Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy Election Day

I am proud to say that I have voted against Dianne Feinstein in every one of her runs for office since the 1970s, and I will be happy to do so again today. Though this is a primary election, you can now vote for anyone from any party that you want, and my friend Matt Hubbard is recommending Orly Taitz above, the crazed Queen of the Birther Movement, for the sheer anarchic comedy value of watching her run (click here). The inimitable Princess Sparkle Pony is also urging Californians to do the same thing (click here):
"If you aren't familiar with the multi-hyphenated Ms. Taitz, all you really need to know is this: she has incredible hair, she is profoundly ridiculous, and she is incapable of uttering more than two consecutive words and still making sense. I can't think of anything more entertaining than a Feinstein/Taitz debate. OMG, please let it happen."

In other recommendations, Yes on State Prop 28 because of the crazy people who are pouring in money to oppose it, No on State Prop 29 because a cigarette tax is essentially just another tax on mostly poor people. In San Francisco, I'm voting Yes on A after reading this rather frightening article at Fog City Journal about Recology (click here), and Yes on B just because the opposition is all coming from Willie Brown, Jr. and cronies.

As for the Democratic Central Communist Committee or whatever they are calling themselves, I'm voting for anyone who isn't already in office or working for the government, which culls the list down pretty quickly.

Happy election day.


TK said...

I voted for Orly too! I was so hoping that crazy bitch would get second, but it appears that we'll have no such luck.

janinsanfran said...

Isn't it fun maintaining our perfect records of NEVER voting for Dianne!

Have I mentioned, I hate Google's current captcha which I imagine you have no control over and don't see ...

Civic Center said...

Dear Jan: Glad to know you're another perfect voter when it comes to Lady Dianne.

And I hate Google's current captcha too when I try to leave comments on other people's sites. I'm not a spamming robot. I'm old and can't make out the frigging characters, people.