Friday, February 03, 2012

Mired in Afghanistan, Stumbling into Iran

The Quaker-led weekly peace vigil continues on Thursdays in front of the Federal Building at Golden Gate Avenue.

They started this hour-long protest in 2001 when the United States began bombing Afghanistan, and unfortunately have had no reason to disband, between the decade-long invasion of Iraq and our continuing occupation of Afghanistan.

Currently, the leaders of Israel have decided that they should be the only country in the Middle East that should be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, which they coyly don't acknowledge, and the United States is being urged in no uncertain terms to attack Iran to prevent them from creating nuclear weapons of their own. The insanity behind this kind of thinking seems unbelievable, but unfortunately it is not, as newspaper stories keep up the drumbeat for war with daily threats and warnings. At this point, about all we can do is pray.

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AphotoAday said...

Here we go again... Baseless claims of Iran's threat... Pre-emptive strikes... WE, the gold old USA are the true aggressors in this world.
I was reading an article yesterday where Leon Panetta says that we'll probably be fully immersed in the "Big Muddy" by April or May of this year... Boils my butt!